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We know you. We know investing. We know your investments.

How We Work

Fort Myers Wealth Management Group is a comprehensive wealth management firm that knows their clients, knows investing, and knows their clients’ investments. 

We go above and beyond and are not your average advisors. Our focus is on being a above-average advisors.

You'll like working with us if:

  • You want to talk plainly and honestly about your finances and aren’t impressed by industry jargon and buzzwords.
  • You don’t just want an “average advisor,” but you are interested in working with an “above average advisor.” You didn’t Google “advisor who knows just enough to get by” to find us, now did you?
  • You want to have an honest conversation.
  • You believe that the biggest factor in your financial success is your own behavior. 

We'll love working with you if you:

  • Like to hear it like it is and appreciate a relationship built on trust.
  • Know how to take action when needed and don’t just sit on your thumbs.
  • Know the value of a good plan and trust that it will work for you if you let it.
  • Understand that predictions are hard, especially about the future, and that preparation is what is most important. 

You won't like working with us if you:

  • Only want to hear about the latest market update and how we feel about it.
  • Want a cookie-cutter approach for the success of your financial future.
  • Determine the value of your advisor’s opinion based on the amount of starch in their shirt.
  • Don’t appreciate a little witty sense of humor - we are trying to make finance interesting to all of us.

If you are still here, awesome, you can check out our two service options below.

Or, you can send us a quick email at or call the office at 239.689.9364 to find out how we can help you.

Subscription Based Services

Exclusive content that helps you:

  • Understand your current financial situation
  • Ensure that your personal and professional financial needs are covered
  • Decide what you want your retired life to look like

This service is for individuals and families that may not have any assets to currently invest and there is no asset minimum to begin. There is also a flexible monthly payment option available

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Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management is the basic process where decisions about your investment mix and asset allocation are matched to your objectives and balanced between risk and performance.

  • Assess your current risk and diversification
  • Provide a custom investment solution
  • Review and monitor your portfolio

For more information:

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