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Our Mission

We believe in forging lifelong client-advisor relationships. If we are successful in this we will see each other several times a year, every year, over the coming decades.

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Our Clients

Our firm is committed to preparing you and your investments to weather the coming decades of all market outcomes.

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Meet Breandan Kelly

After spending nearly a decade working for multiple large financial institutions and finding that the most important thing to those institutions was not necessarily the client, Breandan Kelly decided to break away from “The Big Banks” to open the Gladstone Fort Myers branch. Breandan is obsessed with improving client outcomes through enriching client education and understanding client expectations.

Breandan believes the most important thing for a client to understand is “What ya’ got, why ya’ got it, and what it might do.” Breandan believes that pursuing an active risk management strategy is the best way for clients to pursue their goals. In his free time, Breandan enjoys being with wife Dana, and their two young children Sean and Avery. Breandan and family particularly enjoy going to Disney World to unwind.

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